North Shore Beach


March, 2013

Reference: Last 5 years of wind/solar generator research.


           Louisiana is not considered a good place to use wind generators. This is because of the low average wind.  I researched, online, different Generators available. There are many outside the country but I really wanted to buy US. I liked the vertical generator design because of its simplicity. No slip rings to cause trouble. Wind can run the generator from any direction without having to turn toward the wind. 

    June 2008, I found Mariah Power in Nevada. They build a 1.2kw generator 4ft in diameter and 20 ft. high blades.  (There are 2 of these now installed in Eden Isles) The generator is design for an average wind of 12 mph. Louisiana has only 8 mph overall average wind speed. (I know this is hard to believe living out here at Northshore Beach). 

    Mariah Power told me they were going to build a low wind version shortly that would be better for me then their present production model. It would be 6 ft. in Diameter and 20 ft. tall blades.  By Sept. 2009 after Mariah Power open a factory in Michigan and declared they were building 20 prototypes of the low wind version I sent in my deposit.

        I checked with Cleco about installing a net meter since my design was for a Grid-Tie Inverter. Meaning any extra power made by my Generator would go back into the power grid and turn my meter backwards. This would lower my kilowatt hour use and my bill.  I had to fill out several pages of data on their forms but since my design was not completed I had to wait for the equipment to put the model numbers and sizes of the parts used.

    I checked with the Parish for a building permit and was told they had no idea what I was talking about and my Councilman did some checking and came to the conclusion no permit was required since they
have nothing on the books about what to do. OK so I started my designs to meet regulations set up by the National Electrical codes in NEC handbook.

    Of course while I was waiting for the Mariah power generator I got foundation plans for the biggest generator and tallest tower Mariah Power had designs for and built the foundation in June 2009. I knew I would be using this generator in one design or another so I setup the foundation for several configurations. Photos attached.





            I waited 4 months and called. They told me they decided to shelf that project. So after that the only place to go was China. I got my deposit back Jan 2010. I had started researching the many places in China to get a generator.  Finally by Dec 2009 I found Acemade. I communicated with them for a few weeks. Getting all the information possible before wire transferring the payment at the end of Dec. 2009.  
    In April 2010 it was shipped By way of container. My son-in-law has his designs built in China and shipped to Slidell. He designs and has built salt water aquarium products in China and buys them by the container. There was room in the container so they loaded it up and shipped.

I turned my attention to what inverter I would need to make the installation. Mariah Power

had the Inverter built-in the generator so all I had to do there was connect to my electrical panel and throw the switch. Acemade is just a generator, no electronics. It creates 3 phase AC at a voltage
dependent on the wind. It must be rectified (to a DC voltage) to be inserted into an Inverter that 
creates 220 VAC 60 hertz. Acemade recommended the Aurora Power model PVI-3.0-OUTD-US-W, 
Photos attached,  install at my house.

	After deciding about all the parts I was buying I filled out the Cleco paper work and Cleco told 
me the Parish now has Permit requirments for wind and solar generators and I must get a permit first,
make the installation then close the permit and submit it to Cleco before the Net meter could be installed.

     After receiving the Generator in May of 2010 I then designed the tower needed to raise the Generator blades high enough so no one can reach it accidentally. Alliance Laser of Slidell helped design the tower and built it over the next few months. By Aug. 2010 I was ready to install the generator. Using my neighbor’s boat trailer I hauled it from the Laser shop to my home and backed it to the foundation and bolted it to the foundation. Just as easy as it looks.



Next we attached the generator to the top of the tower and started work on installing the blades. My nephew Sean, and Marcel are shown doing that below.


The generator is now ready to pull up into place.

    To my disappointment the blades never turned. I knew it was difficult to rotate but I assumed it was because of the magnetic levitation mechanism in the generator. You see the design suppose to ride on a field of magnets thereby minimizing drag and friction from bearings etc. I thought putting all the weight on the generator would float the system and start turning. It was not until weeks later I found the magnets in the generator broke loose and caused it to lock up.

          A new generator was shipped from the factory to me. Acemade is replacing it. They had me do some tests but ultimately found there was no fixing it. They built another with a newer design they just developed and had it sent to where my son-in-law was loading another container and it is now on the way to Slidell.


Mar.2011, 2nd Generator arrived and installed. 

          It now spins up but not much. This is a Drag/lift blade type generator. Too much turbulence to be effective.

Apr. 2011, Half of the blades ripped apart and broke during a wind storm. The

generator never really put out much power and now with half the blades it is totally useless.


July 2011, Bought a new drag type design generator from JF energy in China. Seems to work OK but it never really got up to the correct speed to turn the inverter on. Same problem Wind speeds are just not good in Louisiana.  Plus as the first generator had trouble with the turbulence this generator was even worst.


Feb. 2012, I installed 2.2kws of solar panels. Bought those from JF Energy in China
 also. Best money I ever spent. They generate around 12-14kwh of power daily in a good sunlite day.

                      Oct. 2012, bought and installed a 3rd wind generator based solely on aerodynamic
  lift blade design from Bofeng in China. This design does generate power and is far better than the
first 2 designs
but as always Louisiana just does not have enough wind consistently to be

efficient. These blades may fair better if put higher but because I built the  base many years ago thinking about the Mariah Power design it is not good enough to raise the blades higher.  Who knows I might just get bored and decide to pull that base out one day and drive piles and replace the base so I can get the generator at least 50 ft.