The North Shore Beach Comber
December 2001
President John Lopez, 1St Vice President Tommy Raymond
2nd Vice President Dick Pearsall, Secretary Dennis Strecker
North Shore Beach Association, P.O. Box 1187 Slidell, LA 70459

Two years of Fun and Accomplishments

The past two years have been interesting and challenging for our neighborhood. Together we have accomplished much. We have worked side-by-side and we should look back at this time at the highlights of our accomplishments.

We held our first Beach Sweep

We cleaned up the NSB entrance

We distributed eight newsletters

We held two successful fundraisers

We held a 40th anniversary party in 2000

We created the North Shore Beach Website

We Increased membership 83% in the last two years

We landscaped the Community Building yard and trees

We increased Community Building rental 50 % from 2000

We allowed our neighbors to become associate members

We renovated the interior and exterior of the Community Building

We successfully fought a challenge to the original NSB covenants

We put up a North Shore Beach entrance sign and Community Building sign

IN sum, we became a closer and stronger neighborhood.

To all those who helped with your time or your financial contributions, Thanks. You should all be proud of what you helped accomplish.

The End of the 2000 and 2001 Board of Directors Term

This is the end of the term of the current Board. It has been a great to work with my fellow board members. They have been strong when times were adverse, outspoken when we parched for ideas, united always, and we have gotten to be friends.

1St vice President Tommy Raymond has emphatically told me hundred times he doesn’t have time to do this or that, but he always found the time anyway. Even while raising his lovely daughter he finds time to make the gumbo, fry the fish, fix the building etc.

2nd Vice President Dick Pearsall is the archetypical grumpy guy with a heart of gold. Dick has been a great source of fun and helps on the board all the while still participating in innumerable other organizations. And yes he still stirs the pot.

Our Secretary Dennis Strecker is the quiet one. When he speaks people know to listen, because it usually is something very well thought out. He is an engineer and works methodically and precisely as an engineer. In addition he is our hot dog guru.

Buddy Mayfield is the "new guy" on the board who filled in after Keith Depass resigned. Buddy like Dennis is quiet and dedicated. Buddy started our website before coming to the board and has always responded to all our website requests. He has created a great resource for our community.

Dick, Tommy, Dennis, Buddy and I all wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



2001 Steak Dinner & Auction Fundraiser

We held our Steak dinner and auction fundraiser and once again managed to combine mix fun and neighborhood support. We sold 75 steak dinners, auctioned off 36 items and raffled a 28 "Parade of Prizes". The auction is always interesting. Velve Carrington thought she had an item locked up in her bid when she heard the auctioneer burst out with a new bid..only Wayne Ciko (our auctioneer) was pointing the person in the seat next to Velve. Velve’s mother had jumped in the fray. Mothers bidding against daughters? So much for a family blood! Velve shouted "wait, that’s my mother! But the neither her mother or the auctioneer blinked and the bidding continued.

Sandy Heigle and her committee did a wonderful job. Sarah and Jim Petty did the decorations. Camile Schwandt made the salad. Carol managed the wine and beer bar. Camille’s daughter Lynn and son-in-law Bob ran the bar. Iris Calogero lined up all the desserts. Pearsall Appraisers provided wine and Beer bar.

The NSBA cleared $2,200, which is a great contribution for our organization. Thanks to all of the committee, all our donors and to everyone who came.

Heigle’s heroes

Carol Wester, Irene Thibodeaux, Sarah Petty, Wayne Ciko, Camille Schwandt, Gene and Leon Audibert, Sharon White, Velve Carrington, Iris Calogero

List of Auction Donors

Pearsall Appraisers

True Value Hardware

Jimmy and Caroline Lauga

Salvaggio’s Restaurant

Garden Spot

Creative Awards

New Orleans Steamboat Company

Patty Hofmann

Sal Diecedue

LeSalle’s Beauty Parlor

Audrey Fortier

Artist Sylvia Stanton

Sylvia Designs

Creations Unlimited

Ann Taylor

R. & Mrs. Patrick Mottram

General Mills Supplies

Linda Scariano

North Shore Beach Volunteer Fire Department

St. Joe Bricks

John Jay

The Grand Casino

Joe & Jean Loyocano

Frank Davis

Oschner Eye Clinic- Joan Sercovich

Royal Golf Course

Abita Springs Golf & Country Club

Oak Harbor Golf Course

Artist Sylvia Stanton

Outland Technology Inc.

Stephanie Audibert

John Lopez and Sharon White

Outland Technology

Malvina Lopez

Please consider patronizing these generous donors.




Halloween Thriller – The Attack of the Screaming Two Legged Monsters

In spite of the poor turnout last year the Board decided we would again hold Halloween party. Last year the crowd was small, but lively. This year we had nearly double the attendance and had even more fun. As usual we has lots to eat, including several big hits. Tommy Raymond made an outstanding chicken and shrimp gumbo. (Editor’s note: why is this tall, good-looking guy who can cook still single?, we may start a Beach Comber single’s column.) We had several excellent potato salads, and hotdogs, sandwiches etc. The highlights were the kid’s activities. We had several games for the kids to play. They were rewarded with candy and so they were happy to play over and over. We had the Pumpkin toss again, but also had a maze to walk through with a beanbag on their head. Sounds simple, but the kids loved it.

It was a perfect night and so we lit the bonfire. We had a pretty large pile of tree branches and in the couple months since the last fire the weeds had grown up around the woodpile. It was dark and cool night and so it was time to light it up. There was a slight north wind blowing the smoke and ashes over the lake. Everyone made a semi-circle from the upwind side and was engrossed in conversation or the sparkle of the fire. My eye caught sight of something bouncing hesitantly through the grass toward the fire. At first I thought it was leaves or something blowing in the wind or just the flickering firelight. A minute later I noticed it again and it was moving away from the fire toward the far end of the crowd around the fire. It was not long before someone else noticed the movement and their curiosity stirred they moved close up. Then there was a scream, a second and chain reaction chorus of screams. Finally someone shouted out. IT’S A MOUSE!

Of course by now the poor little mouse was far more scared than the people and ran for his cover, which happened to be the weeds around the fire. So the mouse hopped through the grass back to the weeds at the edge of the roaring fire. But his house was on fire and it wasn’t long before the mouse couldn’t take it any longer and evacuated once more. Unfortunately he was still encircled by the army of two legged monsters. Somehow the mouse nearly caught everyone off guard again and there was another chorus of screams. This time someone yelled over their shoulder as they ran. I thought this was a joke. Bonfire or People – to a mouse a terrifying choice, but the mouse once again took cover for the inferno. Finally the third time was a charm and the next evacuation put the mouse on a slightly different course and he went by the people and ran for the hills. A Halloween he will likely remember.