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Santa at the Beach

Carr Dr. and Bayou Santas visit at North Shore Beach:

Carr Dr. starts at 3:30 p.m. & Finger canals at 4:30 p.m.

On December 14, Santa Claus arrives in North Shore Beach. At 3:30 pm, Santa will arrive on Carr Dr. by Volunteer Fire Department fire truck. Santa will start at the Highway 11 end of Carr Dr. and proceed west to the end of Carr Dr. Please come out when you hear the siren.

Santa will have North Shore Beach Association presents for each homeowner along the way, and candy and trinkets for the kids. Santa will then return to the Community Building and proceed to his awaiting 50 RP (Reindeer Powered) outboard-powered sled. The Santa on the Bayou will start at 4:30 at the west end of Clara Dr. They will then go to canals between Evella, Jackie, Terry and Debbie. Santa on the Bayou will also be giving out an NSBA present for each homeowner and something for the kids.

You can also arrange for Santa to deliver your special gift to a child. Special gifts to be delivered on the finger canals (by boat) Tommy Raymond (264 Clara Dr). Special gifts to be delivered along Santa’s ride on Carr Dr should be brought to John or Sharon at 387 Carr Dr. Santa can also deliver gifts at the Community Building around 7:30. For gifts to be delivered at the Community Building, again, please bring to John or Sharon at 387 Carr Dr. (Call 847-1889 with any questions.) ALL SPECIAL GIFTS NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO THE NSBA BY NOON ON THE 14TH.

Instructions for special gifts:

1) Legibly print the child’s full name on the present

2) Also include the NSBA resident’s name & phone number

3) All Presents for a single address should be in a plastic bag with the drop address labeled on the bag

4) When you drop off the presents you will be given safety orange tape to place conspicuously on your dock to help identify where Santa needs to go. Please remember to take a few feet of tape!

5) Drop off: Carr Dr. at 387 Carr Dr. (John Lopez)

Finger canals at 264 Clara Dr. (Tommy Raymond)

Please include all this information so we may minimize any confusion.

Next General Meeting and Christmas Reception

Saturday, December 14 at the Community Building

Free drinks and snacks

Start at 6:30 pm Business meeting at 7 pm

We will vote on an amendment, which would raise dues to $40.



Annual Dues Increase Amendment to be voted on December 14 Meeting

The Board of Directors is proposing a slight increase in dues. It has been several years since the dues were raised by $10. Inflation, building expenses and so forth easily justify a modest increase. We are proposing a $10 increase so dues will increase from $30 to $40 starting in 2003. If we keep the same membership in 2003, this will increase our dues income $1,800.

The dues change requires an amendment to our by-laws. To amend the by-laws requires a majority vote at a meeting at which it has been announced that the amendment will be considered. This newsletter serves as notification for the following proposed amendment, which would raise the NSBA annual dues to $40. The proposed amendment would replace Section 1 of Article 6 of the bylaws, which sets the annual dues. At the December meeting on December 14, we will vote on this amendment.

The proposed amendment is:


Community Building Storm Repairs

Our fence was severely damaged from the storms in September and October. Unfortunately, this will not be covered by our insurance. In addition, we had some minor water leaks into the ceiling in the rear of the building. This is covered but does not exceed the deductible. The fence will cost between $1,500 and $3,500 to fix depending on whether we repair the old fence or replace it entirely. The ceiling is a minor fix and should be less than $200. Since we already spent $420 to clean up the grounds of the Community Building, the total cost for storm repairs will be at least $2,100. Thanks to Dennis Strecker for working on the estimates.


Free Access to Community Grounds and Bathrooms for Members

We have proposed on a trial basis that the Community Building Grounds, with access to the bathrooms and kitchen, could be open on specifically designated days as long as certain conditions are met. Please note that this is not an exclusive reservation – other parties may also use the building.

We propose to continue on a trial basis until the middle of 2003:

  1. One Sunday a month or a holiday the building bathroom and kitchen can be opened for use during daylight hours –excluding use of the heat or A/C.
  2. Use on the designated days is for communal use. That is, if there are multiple functions, everyone has to share and cooperate.
  3. At least one active member must specifically call and request access for the designated day. They will be responsible to be sure that the building is not left unguarded and that it is locked at the end of the day.
  4. The Grounds and Building must be cleaned and left in as good a condition as it was found.
  5. There will be no charge on these designated days.
  6. We will not reserve the Community Building for any other functions on the designated days below.
  7. Individual parties are restricted to 50 people.

8) Activities cannot be for any commercial purpose.

Designated Dates for free use:

January Sunday Jan 19 and 26 (Super Bowl)

February Sunday Feb 16 (President’s Day wkend)

March Sunday Mar 16 (St. Patrick’s weekend)

April Sunday April 20 (Easter)

May Sunday May 11 (Mother’s Day)

June Sunday June15 (Father’s Day)



Halloween Party

Thanks to everyone who helped with our Halloween party. Rose Mayfield brought potato salad, Sandy Heigle brought cookies, Carol Pearsall made an outstanding gumbo, Dick Pearsall made the rice, and Kathy Eads and Debbie Leonard brought cakes. Yvette Warren won the 50/50 prize. Sharon White did the decorations. Everyone had a good time as we were invaded by a fearsome T-Rex, enchanted by a princess, and entertained by a clown.



During the last NSBA business meeting, several residents voiced their strong concern about speeding in the neighborhood. Speeding is especially dangerous on Carr between Debbie and the railroad tracks where there are several curves. Like all of Carr Dr., the residents use lots on either side of the road and so they cross the road often in their daily chores or activities. This is especially dangerous for children. Recently, another car was driven into the canal along this stretch of Carr Dr. Remember Carr Dr and all the other streets here are residential, which means the highest caution should be taken for pedestrians.

One resident admitted that they find it difficult to keep to the speed limit simply because driving in the neighborhood one is distracted by the scenery. Their solution is to set the cruise control when they enter the neighborhood.

Please use common sense and do whatever you need to do to drive safely.


Those Doggone Dogs – AGAIN

The tall gentleman works equally hard for a living and to be a good neighbor. He is a good neighbor. So what would send this man into the outer orbit of frustration demonstrated by a torrent of profanities heard in a block radius of his home and causing even the alligators to shy away from the specter of rage.

We have a dog problem in North Shore Beach, which appears to rapidly be getting worst almost every day. In the last newsletter, I described a loose dog killed by a train. Recently, dogs in the neighborhood are running in packs. Even to those sympathetic to dogs, a pack of dogs is intimidating. Many of these dogs are known to be "pets" - but pets that are allowed to routinely run free all day long. These pet owners leave the dogs and neighbors to fend for themselves, and force their neighbors to compromise their lifestyle because of their irresponsibility.

Well, the gentleman readily admits "nothing makes me angrier than to walk across my own front lawn and step in someone else’s dog mess". The gentleman actually owns dogs, but keeps them inside his fenced side yard. So, arriving home from work late one afternoon, he was proceeding from his truck across his lawn when he dropped something. He stooped over to retrieve the item when his checkbook, previously lodged in his top pocket, suddenly launched itself toward the ground. Well, it never hit the ground. As he leaned over, he saw his checkbook perfectly upright, impaled on a pile of fresh dog mess. Understandably, he snapped and launched into a tirade and said some things he probably should not have. Humor aside, it is situations like this that can escalate quickly and become ugly.

They say tall fences make good neighbors, which is to say give your neighbor his own space – respect his home and you should hope for the same. Offenses will happen and when they do, make amends. Letting your dogs run loose is against the law, and is potentially harmful to your pet. So I ask you to please take care of your dogs and not to let them run freely through the neighborhood.

If you are having a problem with loose dogs, you can call Animal Control at 809-0183.


Canal Trash

Our canals are still littered with some debris. It may not seem too offensive, but remember trash tends to attract more trash. The last thing we want is to accumulate more trash, just because we leave an invitation to dump it in our neighborhood. Next time you go down the canal if there is something you can safely pick up, please consider doing so.



Fire Hydrant update

Moe Shwandt has informed me that the three neighbors that volunteered to have dry hydrants placed along their water front have recently signed the contract to allow the Fire District to put in the new hydrants. It has been one year since the fire, so this is slow in coming. Identifying appropriate locations with cooperative residents took some time. The North Shore Volunteer Firemen have done their part. It is now up to Chief Kennedy and the District 1 to get the fire hydrants installed. Thanks to Dick Pearsall, Moe Schwandt, and Chief Kennedy for their help. A big thanks goes to the Mottrams, the Aiavolasitis, and the Falangas for agreeing to place a fire hydrant along their waterfront.




Cochon du Lait Canceled

Due to poor ticket sales, we canceled the Cochon du Lait. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank those who did buy tickets (which have all been returned). The board has decided not to launch another fundraiser event for now. We will soon be starting a fundraising campaign to dredge the canal opening into Lake Pontchartrain by the finger canals. This will kick off in conjunction with our 2003 membership drive.



New Building Manager

Yvette Warren has generously offered to take over management of the Community Building. Yvette and Richard moved to our neighborhood in 2000, and Richard has served on the Board of Directors for the last year. Yvette will do well. She has already made some useful suggestions to improve building management. She has refused to accept the management fees, and so is volunteering her time for the neighborhood. If you are not able to reach Yvette at 781-8727, you may still call Sharon or John.



Community Building Usage Rates

New Reservation Number 781-8727


Member rate:

Community Bldg and picnic area

$200 for 1st 3 hours, $30 each additional hour

Picnic area & outside pavilion $75 flat rate

Sponsored rate:

Community Bldg and picnic area

$350 for 1st 3 hours, $50 each additional hour

Picnic area & outside pavilion $150 flat rate


Newsletter advertising

$25 per newsletter for a half page.

Call 847-1889