"It’s the good life"


Next General Meeting & Social Friday, March 18

Fish Fry and Pot Luck - Open House - Starts 6:30 p.m.

7:00 p.m. Business Meeting


If you’d like to bring a dish, please feel free. You can call Nick (641-4766) or any other board member. Calling ahead is encouraged but not necessary.

This meeting is our annual membership meeting. Please come spend some time with your neighbors and get all the gossip. We will also hold the Patron Raffle for $100 gift certificates to Michaels Restaurant.

Board News

I cam remember back in 2000 when I was asked if I would be interested in being President of NSBA, and that I realized that I would need a great board. The first person I thought of was Tommy Raymond, Tommy had been making solo excursions to the public beach to clean and maintain it. He was that dedicated. Tommy was a great vice president as was the rest of the board. Among his many achievements, he became the master fryer for the fish fry. Tommy took off for the second term and was enthused about taking over as president in 2004. The board held a successful fishing rodeo in July of 2004. Unfortunately things would not work out this time. Personal developments and work caught up and Tommy needed to resign, which he did in February.

Nick Leggio was Tommy’s board member. Nick monitored the situation along with the board. When Tommy resigned Nick was asked by the remaining board to step in as interim president. This is a big responsibility. Tommy was also managing the building. However Nick did not falter and took the responsibilities. He immediately started getting calls about the building. Nick, Buddy and Trudy are interested in staying on the board.

Fire Committee

In the past year we have had two more fires. One on Clara and another on Jacqueline Street. Both resulted in loss of the home. In both cases the fire was contained to these homes with relatively small damage to the adjacent houses. Nick and the rest of the board are concerned about fire prevention and fire protection. They have formed a fire committee with Joe Harvin as chair. On February 17 a meeting, open to the whole neighborhood, was held in which Fire District 1 representatives discussed the NSB situation. The firemen have helped us in the past and the new Fire Chief is even more enthused about improving our fire safety and protection.

Expect more meeting and information soon. If you are interested in helping please call Joe Harvin at ???.

It’s Your Wake

As you can see from the St. Tammany Parish ordinance all of the canals in North shore Beach are NO WAKE zones. A sign was recently erected at the mouth of the Faciane Canal due to the prompting of a new resident. ?? who requested the sign. St. Tammany Sheriff’s Department placed it along the west bank of the canal. We are approaching the summer season so please remember that the law views a jet ski is the same as a powerboat. All boat regulations including NO WAKE zones apply to jet skis.


Northshore Subdivision

- all of the canals within the Northshore Subdivision and along Carr Drive and specifically the unnamed waterway known as the "Carr Drive Canal" from Lake Pontchartrain to the bridge at Highway 11.
C. Definitions:

    1. "Dead Slow" or "Dead Slow, No Wake" - shall be the minimum possible speed that any vessel or watercraft can travel and still maintain safe steerage.
    2. Watercraft - any vessel or craft powered by any means designed for transport across the surface of water. (Including boats, ships, personal watercraft, barges, seaplanes, hovercrafts...etc).
D. Enforcement: Enforcement of this section of the Code of Ordinances is authorized, directed and empowered to the following entities: agents of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Department, Louisiana State Police, agents of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and any other duly authorized peace officer of the State of Louisiana."

Piling in the Faciane Canal

A piling has been placed at the mouth of the Faciane canal. The piling is located in the center of the canal and is unmarked. It is unclear what purpose the piling may serve. If anyone know why the piling is there or who may have placed the piling please call John Lopez at 847-1889.

Our Website

** "Lost and Found" where you can report found items or maybe locate something lost (this would have been really handy after the storms)

** "For Sale" listing where members can post items for sale (by owner). This might include a house, boat, car, etc.

Remember Buddy is always interested in posting some good photos from around the neighborhood. Send them by email or give him a call and he will scan the pictures.

Our website is: www.outlandtech.com/nsb.htm

Possum Tales

A few years ago Sharon and I adopted two tiny possums April Meyer found abandoned near her office in Slidell. Possums are marsupials, which raise their young in a pouch after their birth. The two we had weighed just 5 oz. apiece and probably had probably just left the safety of their mother’s pouch. Most anyone would consider possums ugly, but as often the case, when very young youthful features transcend normal standards of beauty. Unbecoming features are part of the beauty of innocence. In a word they were cute – at least to Sharon (not me!). The two were very young but appeared to be healthy. In the first week or so for Sharon’s orphans , they are referred to as "Sweetie". After a week they were named "Baby" and "Blue".

Sharon’s research revealed that possums this small should be given baby formula. So she fed them individually with an eye dropper. At first we had them in a pen with small towels that they could snuggle in and sleep. We soon added some large sticks propped within the cage so they could begin to climb and explore. They seemed to be growing daily and were becoming bolder in their activity. Further research revealed that the primary component of possums was small insects, and in particular crickets. Soon we were crawling around in the garden looking for crickets. Fortunately this did not last long when we realized that crickets could be easily purchased form the local bait shop. We went straight off and bought a bagful of crickets.

By then we had moved the possums into a small downstairs bathroom. The floor and walls were all concrete and sealed. Sharon was now trying to teach them to eat the store bought crickets. The bathroom was beginning to look like an exhibit at the Audubon zoo with tree branches crisscrossing the bathroom. At first Baby and Blue wanted nothing of the crickets. Sharon would place one of then in the shower stall and drop a couple crickets. The crickets were escaping as the possums slowly moped around the shower stall. This was an important test.

The article she had read said that if the possum ate the crickets instinctively that they could eventfully be released back into the wild. The possums did notice the cricket’s motion. If the cricket was still, it was as if they were invisible. This at first did not make sense. The slow possums seemed to depend on the rapid movement of the cricket when the crickets would be hard to catch. Soon their instincts grew stronger and the possums would saunter around in the general direction of movement of the crickets. Then in a blink we saw how in a quick grasp Blue grab a cricket just as it was jumping away. It was hard to see it happen since both the possum and the cricket were in rapid motion. Blue was soon devouring crickets. Baby took longer and extra encouragement. He eventually got his first cricket. Sharon then weaned the possums off their baby food onto solid cricket food and cat food.

Once the possums got to be a pound or so we would take them into the yard. Sharon encouraged them to climb into the bushes and to hunt for bugs. Don’t ask me how you actually do this. But the yard was part of the daily routine to let them get accustomed to being in a more natural environment. They kept growing. All too soon the request to drive into to town for "milk and crickets" seemed normal. You had to keep an eye on Blue, who was always on the verge of climbing too high in a tree or running toward the road. Baby was another story. Sometimes, when released in the yard, he would actually crawl back toward the safety of the house. He did not seem to like the bushes. Blue, we knew, would make it when released. We were worried about Baby.

After just six months the possums weighed about 5 pounds each and looked about the size of a cat. They had both become adept at cricket hunting in a shower stall, but rarely did we see them catch anything in the yard. Sharon (not me!) had become attached to her possum kids but was determined to release them. It was summer and she knew it would be best to release them while the woods were in full bloom and bugs were plentiful. We decided the primary adversary to possums was the automobile. A friend with extensive land in Mississippi agreed to let us release the two deep within his property, miles from any highway. We brought them back into the woods and brought with us a small amount of food to leave with them. The release was surprising.

We brought a piece of lumber to place the food and possums when released. They both went for the food for a moment. Then something in their tiny brains clicked and they knew they were someplace different. Within a few seconds one of them bolted like a rabbit to the nearest tree and began to climb like a monkey. It impressed me so I can still see it now. I didn’t know possums could move so fast. The amazing fact was that it was Baby! He or she had, in just one moment in the woods, become transformed into super possum. Blue, for the first time, was right behind Baby. So we left. Sharon (not me!) still worried about them but was consoled to know they were free and at home.


Give Peace and Quiet a Chance

NSB residents have always cherished the seclusion and quiet provided by our own sanctuary-like neighborhood. We enjoy our neighbors but we generally desire tranquility. However we may occasionally forget about our neighbors when it comes to noise. Loud music or making a lot of racket may not be appreciated by those who it is imposed upon. After working all week and waiting for some quiet time in your own yard, to have someone disturb you with their own activities is disheartening and not friendly. As the saying goes what comes around goes around. Being thoughtful of your neighbors is just helping yourself in the long run.


NSBA Financials March 7, 2005

              CHECKING                        $8,322.85
              INVESTORS CD                  $21,829.67
              NSBA SPECIAL PROJECTS          $13,097.66
           Total Checking/Savings            $43,250.18

Neighborhood Watch

Felix Torres reported to me there might have been an attempted break-in at his house. He came home to find his rear door was damaged but unfortunately they were not able to get in. Another suspicious event was reported by couple people that a woman appeared on their doorstep all wet claiming "she had fallen into the lake" and was hoping they could help her dry off. Two people reported this and it sounds to me likely someone try to case homes n the neighborhood. Please be careful


Building Manager

The NSBA board is looking for someone to run the NSB Community Building. Tommy had been handling the building for free. There is a small commission for those who do run the building. This requires taking calls, keeping the schedule, opening and closing the building etc. The rentals for the building basically offset the annual costs for the building and thus provide us a free facility for our own meetings and events. Therefore managing the building is a critical chore for the NSBA. If you are interested, please contact anyone on the NSBA Board. Nick’s number is 641-4766.


Community Building Reservations

Call Nick Leggio 641-4766

Community Building Usage Rates

Member rate:

Community Bldg and picnic area

Building $200 - 5 hours plus set-up & clean-up time included

Picnic area & outside pavilion $75 flat rate

Sponsored rate:

Community Bldg and picnic area

Building $300 per normal event


Picnic area & outside pavilion $150 flat rate


Newsletter advertising

$25 per ½ page ** $15 per ¼ page ** $10 for business card size

Call John Lopez at 847-1889


North Shore Beach Association Contribution form: Finger Canal Dredging project

Name____________________________________ Address______________________________

Admiral $500 - $1000 Finger canal & boat > 30 feet

Commodore $200 - $500 Finger canal & boat > 24feet

Captain $100- $200 Finger canal & boat < 24 feet

Commander $25 - $100 "Non-finger canal" homes (283 Carr Dr. and higher)

Contribution Amount $______________________ ____Check-included ______ Pledge

Mail to: North Shore Beach Association P.O. Box 1187 Slidell, LA 70459

NSBA Member Benefits ($40) -- Dues are Due NOW!

** Free weekday communal use of Community Building picnic table and grounds

** Use of Community Building for a fee & Sponsorship rights for Community Building usage

** Huge discount for Building usage fee (one day’s savings will pay for your dues for years)

** North Shore Beach Newsletter (only 1st quarter newsletter goes to all residents)

** Free social events

** A more effective voice through an organization like the NSBA

** Absolutely free use of a nutria trap (it’s been proven to work)

**Free website advertising for by homeowner car, boat and home sales

**Lost and found service on the website

2005 NSBA Membership and Contribution Form

Please return to: Buddy Mayfield, 210 Evella Drive

or: North Shore Beach Association, P.O. Box 1187, Slidell, La. 70459

Last Name: _________________________________ email_____________________________

First Name: _______________________ Middle Initial (or Name): ___________

Owner ____ or Renter _____

Spouse Name:_____________________________________________________________

NSB Property Address: ___________________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different): _________________________________________

Home Phone(s):___________________________________________________________

Dues: _______ $40.00 Regular or Associate membership

_______ $60 Patron Level Membership * _______ Tree & Building Contribution

* Patron memberships are in the "Patron only" raffle for a $100 gift certificate from Michael’s Restaurant

Circle one: Regular member Associate member (NSB renter, Point Carr or Carr spur resident)

I/We would be willing to Volunteer: ___________YES

Other comments or suggestions: ___________________________________________













North Shore Beach Association

PO BOX 1187

Slidell La. 70459